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Title: The Adventures of Erik Pelekai

Plot/Synopsis: A powerful semi-omnipotent superhuman goes on a whirlwind of adventures across the Earth -and the multiverse-, fighting evil and making friends wherever he goes.

Crossover: Pathfinder, Avatar (movie), Ben 10 (all 4 series), King Kong (2005 remake, minus its human cast) Kim Possible, 6Teen, The Suite Life, Total Drama (4 seasons, plus a fanmade 5th), Stoked

Factions:  The Order of Primal Taoism, Morganian Havocwreakers, The Plumbers, The Green Faith


ancient days

Long ago, in the Middle Ages on planet Earth, some mysterious forces came to our world. Rifts in reality tore open all over Earth, unleashing beings from other worlds, deities arisen, monsters unleashed, magic was known to be real, legendary heroes & villains made, populating the world with creatures and sentient beings over the centuries, creating legends across Earth's history. One of those other worlds was Golarion, a galaxy-away, Earth-like planet inhabited by the very beasts and sentient races that arrived on Earth.

Those deities were, unbeknownst to Earthlings, were reincarnated soul-fragments of those known on Golarion. Some creatures halied from other realms, such as the elemental planes, Heaven, Hell, even the dreaded Abyss and the bleak Abaddon.

One time, a cult of human spellcasters started leaving their mark on Europe, summoning fiends, undead, and even unspeakable aberrant horrors from across the cosmos to spread fear and violence across the globe. They were led by a powerful, but bloodthirsty woman with unholy power coursing through her veins. That human was Morgana LeFay, a power-mad wizard who betrayed Merlin and unleashed chaos & destruction across Europe, then the world. She had founded and led the cult movement known as the Morganian Havocwreakers. Over the centuries, everyone that was in their way and even the uninvolved suffered, including those who were one with nature.

All was not lost. Some druids from Earth & Golarion secretly gathered some forces made of various races from various worlds & realms, even the lawful folks and the neutral aliens joined their ranks. Even some of the gods joined in the fight. The Order of Primal Taoism was born. They fought with everything they had to protect both the natural world and the civilized world. Uncounted casualties piled up on both sides over the years, but the Order drove off the unholy forces back to where they came from. They then sealed off the rifts and even destroyed the portals, cutting Earth off from all the realms & planets of the cosmos.

However, with great victory came great sacrifice. The gods had died out as if they never were, and the good-aligned beasts & humanoids left Earth through various means. The gods, monsters, and aliens were never seen again. The age of gods, magic and monsters was long over... at least on Earth. The Morganian Havocwreakers nursed their pride in the shadows, waiting to strike again. The cult of ultimate evil would stop at nothing to defeat the Order, and then dominate the multiverse. No single member of the Order of Primal Taoism can fight the Morganian Havocwreakers and then end it for good. Or so they thought...

present day

The war between the Order of Primal Taoism and the Morganian Havocbringers rages on across the multiverse, but is forgotten on Earth. Those from either order maintain their goals in secret, one gaining the upper hand over the other whenever they can.

Not too long ago, the Havocwreakers learned of a prophecy that is to come: That an odd human with vast power will someday put an end to their evil cult once and for all. Fearing such an almighty fate, they sought to find and kill the child in question. That child turned out to be 5-day-old Erik. Fortunately, fate -and a particularly courageous human member of the Order- had other plans. Erik was saved, but had to be secretly put up for adoption by the Pelekais. From then on, he came to be referred to as Erik Pelekai, the very human prophecized against the Morganian Havocwreakers. For the next twelve years, the Havocwreakers and their minions searched and searched, but all failed. Erik was relatively safe from the evildoers, but he will have to face them sooner or later in his life. Little does Erik know, his adventures are only just beginning...
Alrighty, here's my short prologue (if you can call it that). I decided to make a short story that happened long before Erik Pelekai.

The faction names are my personal work.

I doubt I'm any good with prolugues , but this my closest attempt at it. And yes, those are series franchises I intend to feature in my series crossover. Originally I thought to feature Digimon (don't ask), Hanna Montana (keep your negative comments to yourselves, folks!), and even the Proud Family, but eventually decided they'd be too complex, too complicated -and therfore confusin'- to put in and dropped 'em out.

All the franchises mentioned above belong to their respective owners.

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